117 1/2 N. High Street, Apt. 5

Covington, OH 45318


PHONE: (937) 552-5690

I have been taking photos of people, places, and things for more than five years. My work focuses on Architecture, Interiors, and People. I sometimes get accused of being technical and left-brained, which fits nicely when I set out to take a photograph of an architectural masterpiece. I find beauty in lines and spaces.

I am married to the woman who brings out the best in me.

I enjoy carefully brewed coffee, fine food, and craft beer.

I've been known to barbeque in the middle of a snow storm.

I try to walk the fine line of taking life seriously and having fun as much as possible.

I believe in the restoration of all things. 

I am a redeemed artist who is constantly learning what it means to live.

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